The Four Gods defeat Veltus and deport him from the Gods' World.

Elgard is the world where all people in Earth reside,counterpart of Chaos(which is the world of confusion) and ruled by the Four Gods.This is the legendary battlefield where the Four Gods and Veltus battled,and this world is the one which Veltus currently targets to destroy:as revenge for being deported from God's World.


Myth of Elgard

God's era

Everyone believed that the world's peace created by the will of God would be continued Strong Veltus, a god of chaos has never been satisfied with peaceful world He has ambitons to kill all Gods and build the new unified world to become the one and only god Absolutely, Gods never accepted his insane ambition. The five gods pull together to fight against Veltus and they finally managed to overpower and to seal Veltus in Chaos However... The world had been already destroyed irreversable while Gods fought against Veltus One day, Gods had found hope, a small new World which was created at the torn pieces from intense war between Gods and Veltus Gods named this promising new land 'Elgard.' And Gods swore that there is no more painful war and used Elgard as a sign of the promise After a long time had passed, this intense war between Gods and Veltus was called 'Holy War' and became the Genesis of Elgard's myth

Invasion of Keliman

2000 years later... Gods and Holy War were disappeared in Human history and Gods also buried the war deep in their memories But the blessing of peace became a poison and blinded the eyes of all depriving the strength to even pull off the little shadow The crack of chaos, Vermago leading to Kaius, was happened to open up the chaos gate Fragment of Chaos between Chaos and Elgard allows Keliman and Gardon destroy penon, a town located in the board area Kingdom of Naress sent an army to control Gardom and had a victory, but it hasn't been long They were completely disappeared in front of huge energy, enough to shock Elgard, with destroyed Penon

Intervention of mercenaries

After collapse of Naress kingdom, the chaos gate had been created and allowed Keliman invade throughout Elgard The kings of each kingdom prepared to fight against Keliman but the army of kingdoms were not strong enough to dominate Keliman Each Kingdom decided to hire mercenaries and began to spread the hiring news out all over the World People in the peaceful world for a long time had responded to this news. They want to participate for money or for protecting villages against Keliman The news spread quickly throughout the kuyes continent and soon the city filled with vibrancy of many mercenaries in Ela Quickly and Sliently... Elgard has been ready to be reborn...