Ella is the capital city of Keryuna Empire, where the game's first stage is held.


Ella is a large city on an the island of Kues, which is halved into 4 Districts: The Magic District, The Military District, The Harbor, and the Refugee Camp on the outskirts of the village.

Magic DistrictEdit

This is where Leelee is found, and where Sorceresses and Elementalists learn from their Masters. Leelee's house is located near a fountain, found in the middle of the district. The fountain is one of the Magic District's trademarks. Upon passing to the left side, you are at the outskirts of the village, where the Refugee Camp is found.

Military DistrictEdit

This is the District where Knights and Swordsmen are trained by their respective Masters. In the center of the district,there is a fountain similar to the Magic District. This is the place where Lupen's Mercenary Group stays; there are two portals: the one at the upper left leads to the Refugee Camp,and the one at the right goes back to the Harbor.



Ella's Harbor.

The First Map of Ella,where the port is nearby which gives access to Drifer. Here, Lucy is found near the town square. There are 2 portals here: The on at the upper corner leads to the Magic District, the one at the lower left leads to the Military District.

Refugee CampEdit

The largest District,where Captain Dokers is found. Here, Gunners, Assassins, and Hunters are trained.There are two portals here: by the lower left,you are led to the Military District and at the lower right, to the Magic District.It is worth noting that this is the largest district of all.