Namely,a Guild is a group of players which is ruled by a Guild Master,which is the highest-ranking player in the Guild itself.


Creation of a Guild starts with buying the 'Guild Creation Permit', which is bought in the Potion Shop for 100,000 Gold. After this,go to Amarantiel and hand her the Guild Creation Permit.Choose a name for your Guild (make sure that you are not a member of any Guild) and after that,you are allowed to invite players,but unless they accept,you are not allowed to have them join.

How to join a GuildEdit

To join a guild,there are two ways. 1.Request Form Or 2.A player who is given credit to invite invites a player to their Guild.


In a Guild,sometimes Events are held with prizes.For Example,PureSkills,is holding a PVP Tournament with no gear or avatar.

Guild RankEdit

When a player is first invited to a Guild,they are considered new Members,and if they are trusted enough,the Guild Master can promote them ti the next standing.But if the player shows disrespect,there is a chance that the player can be demoted or kicked by the Guild Master.