GunnerFullBodyView The Gunner is capable of rapid attack with dual pistols. Gunners can also use various firearms.

The Gunner is another class in the game of Elgard, known as one of the quickest characters in-game.


The Gunner has short blond hair, with two flat ahoge extending from the top of her head. She wears a pink halter top, and a swirling pink tatoo on her right arm and right side. She wields two high caliber hand guns, and when not used, she keeps them in cases attached to her belt that is paired with short shorts. She also wears gold boots that reach her knees with white stockings. She wears brown gloves with metal plating near the elbows. Below her shoulders are small bands that carry extra bullets.

Abilities,Weapons,and SkillsEdit

Mainly, as a long-range type, the Gunner's most important attribute is Dexterity, and because of its low Defense, it has to stay away from its enemies and step back for the most part. It uses Dual Pistols, which are kept in cases attached to her belt.

Buckshot Firing Shotgun. Short range, wide area attack. Enemies are knocked back when hit. No cooldown time. Mp cost:40

7.54mm Impact Shell Fires a medium range shell that makes a small explosion to stun enemies for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Mp cost: 40

Focus Shooting Rapid fire attack. Enemies are knocked back when hit. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Mp cost: 30

KM-22 Flash Shell Throws a flash grenade that blinds enemies within large area (nearly entire screen) for 3 seconds. Minimal damage. Cooldown: 17 seconds Mp cost: 20

Snipe Powerful long distance shot. 25% chance of piercing through all enemies. Enemies are knocked down if hit. Cooldown: 25 seconds Mp cost: 55

KA77 Grenade Throws a grenade to deal moderate damage to enemies with a small area. Cooldown: 5 seconds Mp cost: 15

Cold Shell Shoots a cold shell that explodes on impact to deal moderate damage and slow enemies. The lasting time and effects of slowdown are increased as skill level is increased. Cooldown: 18 seconds Mp cost: 35

G7 Rocket Launcher Shoots a long range rocket that explodes on impact to damage enemies in a small area. Enemies are knocked down if hit. Cooldown: 28 seconds Mp cost: 60

K-23 Toe Mine Sets a landmine that will explode on a timed fuse or if an enemy steps on it. Effects small area and slows enemy if hit. Cooldown: 18 seconds Mp cost: 34

Overdrive Significantly increases critical hit rate for a short period of time. Duration and % of critical hit rate increase as skill level increase. Cooldown: 60 seconds Mp cost: 50

Buckshot Firing:The Gunner's general skill.