The Hunter is one of the new classes in Elgard,and kills enemies quickly with several skills like the Assassin,with the difference between them is that the Hunter is a long-rang class,wears light armor,unlike the Assassin,who wears medium armor and is a close-range class.

Abilities,Weapons and SkillsEdit

The Hunter uses a Bow to attack,and the Hunter's General Attack can reach the other side of the screen.The Hunter's Sub-Skills is Back Jump,similiar to the Elementalist and Gunner's Back Step.


  • The players don't really know if the Hunter is a boy or a girl, considering from males that the Hunter is a boy, because there isn't a long-range male character since the start, while the females say that Hunter is another girl, because of the face, and they think that the Hunter's chest isn't growing yet.However,if you listen closely to the Hunter's voice,there is a large chance that the Hunter is a female. In addition, upon creating a new character and looking at the hunter's description, it is stated that the hunter is indeed a female as the hunter is referenced as a "she", not "he".