Leelee is one of the quest NPCs based in Ella, a close friend of Lucy, and Leader of the Administrative Affairs of the former city.


For the period of time the player is in the care of Lucy, the mage-in-training has told stories of the player to her friend, Leelee. After Lucy's time of period with taking care of the player and left with no more missions, she tells the player to meet with Leelee to register for Rank 3 Mercenary.


Leelee has purple hair: done in a hime-style haircut and flows to her back. She wears some vest of sorts, with a dress with puffy sleeves, a black top, pink at the bottom and underneath, white. She also has violet eyes,and above her head, there is a strand of hair in the shape of a crescent.


Unlike the reserved Dokers and Lucy, Leelee is very cheerful and bubbly, possible by the fact she is younger than the former two. She claims that without the player ,"Leelee will be sad.", mainly hinting she is an extrovert who can not bear to be without anyone. She often speaks in third person, but that doesn't hinder the fact that she is a kind and helpful girl.


Leelee has not been shown to have any abilities in the field, yet despite her childish nature, she is said to be intelligent with the fact she is the leader of the Administrative Affairs in the city she is based upon.