Lucy is one of the quest NPCs based in Ella, and is known for having saved the player's life from Roquel in the tutorial. She is a mere mage in training, but she shows potential over the Elements, having drove Roquel out of the Taffka Forest i the tutorial with three quick spells. She is not normal as she looks: she was assumed to be once eroded by the power of chaos,as she frequently says "Even if the Kelimans are defeated, I don't think I won't go back to the way I was before..."


Lucy has been training the player for years before the player was considered a rookie. In Taffka Forest, she tells the player to go meet with Dokers, as she had something to take care of. As the player meets with Dokers, the player is defeated by Roquel, who has killed several guards and poisoned Dokers. As Dokers and the player are about to meet their doom, Lucy arrives in the nick of time to lead Roquel away via her Magic. Once the player had healed, she advices the player to keep careful of the Energy of Chaos, as the Kelimans are unknown beings of Darkness.


Lucy is very kind. She is shown to be rather timid,but not weak. She cares deeply for other people, and wants to help others in any way she can.She often quotes that "Even if the Kelimans are defeated, I don't think I'll go back to the way I was...". This hints that she might have been eroded by the power of Chaos: The fact that she mentions Kelimans makes it possible that she must be eroded. Despite not being an official mage, she was so powerful being able to drive Roquel out before. This hints more that she must be eroded by the powers of Chaos.


Lucy has orange hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She wears a Mage's Suit: a dress that goes on as an overcoat, with straps of green yet mostly white. A hood is worn above her head, yet not pulled so low to cover her face. She carries along with her a staff: possibly to cast her spells.


As an unofficial mage, Lucy has a few skills in the field of magic: however,this is proven wrong, since in 3 simple hits, she was able to drive Roquel out in an instant.

Magical Power: So far,Lucy has been seen using 3 magical spells akin to a Sorceress:

  • Lightning Bolt: Lucy has been shown able to perform Lightning Bolt once on Roquel.
  • Dark Explosion: Like above,she used Dark Explosion once on Roquel.
  • Ice Drop: Again, Lucy used this in the battle against Roquel.

Mana:In the prologue, she has been shown to execute 3 spells continuously without any signs of fatigue at all, suggesting she has large amounts of Mana.