Roquel is a boss: currently residing in the lowest floor of the Cave of Silence, where it is known for having attacked the Mercenary Camp at Taffka Forest, and responsible for the death of several soldiers(having attacked them via its pincers), poisoning Dokers, and nearly killing the player had Lucy not showed up.


Prior to the player's first mission, Roquel used to live in the Taffka Forest underground, where it attacked the Mercenary Camp and defeated the player as well as poisoning Dokers giving him heavy casualty. After Lucy had droven it out, Roquel retreated to the Cave of Silence: resting in the lowest floor until now.


Roquel's appearance is rather funny, with several players referring to it as "The giant crab that looks like a bunny that's up to no good.". But that aside, Roquel appears as a giant mutated crab with electric blue eyes. It has several spiky protrusions around its body for attacking, and is colored bizarrely. It has front teeth,similar to a rabbit. It also has large pincers for attacking while underground.


Roquel depends on its spiky protrusions to make the ground collapse while hiding underground. It also has the ability to shoot poison at the player, first demonstrated at the tutorial. In the Cave of Silence, it has showed the unique ability to summon Vokels while shooting poison or using its spiky protrusions.


  • Laughably, players sometimes call Roquel a giant crab, given to its appearance and giant pincers.