Skills are a player's main form of offense.


There are 3 Types of Skills:Damage Skills,Buffs,and Debuffs. Damage Skills:These are the common types of Skills,which cause damage to the opponent and sometimes infecting them with several cases such as:Ignite,Electrify,Poison,and such.

Buffs:These are skills directly applied to the player that last for an amount of time.Examples are:Sacrifice,Overload,or Mana Focus.Elementalists are known for using these types of skills.

Debuff:So far,there are only a few debuffs shown in the game.The most common being Shaping Shadow of the Assassin.These have several effects such as:Removing Poison,negating an attack,and such.

General SkillsEdit

Typically,each class has a starter skill.For the Knight,there is Lightning Chop.For the Swordsman,there is Rock Breaker.For the Gunner,Buckshot Firing.For the Sorceress,Fireball.Elementalist,Twister.Assassin,Crossing Slash.And finally,for the Hunter,there is Triple Shot.Listed skills only take a small amount of mana to execute,and have no cooldown time,so said skills can be used consecutively unless you DO have a way to relinquish your Mana over and over again.