The Swordsman is another class of the MMORPG game Elgard; well-known as the slowest yet one of the physically strongest of the classes.


The Swordsman possesses red hair, which is depicted to be brown in his sprites. The Swordsman's default outfit consists of a high cut shirt-like cloth that exposes his midriff, with bronze pieces of armor on his shoulders and left elbow. Other small pieces of silver armor adorning his other accessories and a red scarf, much like the Assassin's, with belt straps and a metallic headband, a belt, a small bag upon the previous upon the left side and a large one upon the right side are the many accessories the Swordsman dons. Bandages around his body to cover several wounds and scars are also worn. Black gloves adorned with brass plates, and black pants with steel plates to protect his knees, as well as leather boots with steel greaves and sabatons complete the outfit.

Skills -by memory will update soonEdit

Sword SkillsEdit

  • Rock Splitter
  • Reverse Blade
  • Moon Splitter Strike
  • Infinity Sword
  • Earth Splitter
  • Cyclone Swing
  • Soul Strike
  • Vertical Strike
  • Flash Strike


  • Murderous Vibe
  • Threatening Shout
  • Muderous Discharge


The Swordsman's talent tree is divided into Sword and Heart, both of which have new attacks which can be learned by putting 40 points into the desired tree.


  • Thunder Strike


  • Soul Blade